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                  Commissioner Sean Connelly

This weekend the DribbleBabies team had the amazing opportunity to attend the EasterSeals 30th Crystal Ball Anniversary. What a great cause, and what a great event. We were seated with the great folks from TTM Technologies where we got to meet some amazing people interested in working and hiring veterans.

As a caregiver and spouse of a Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran, the cause that the event was highlighting was near and dear to us. The EasterSeals understands that in order for a veteran to reintegrate with his or her neighborhood successfully, they need support. Community support is key to a veterans success and EasterSeals is able to provide the not only the community portion of success, but also the family portion of support. 

"Communities play a key role in the reintegration of veterans and military families, so we are working at a grassroots level to build local partnerships, share innovative approaches and connect those who had served with like-minded organizations working together for the greater good at the local level. " (easterseals.com)

As attendees, the event was excellent not only because of its cause but because it provided us with a lot of hope. As a veteran family and owners of a small business, we are continuously looking for community support  that understands are unique dynamic and some of the issues we go through as a veteran family. EasterSeals understands that "the needs of veterans and military families are evolving, not disappearing."(easterseals.com)

We are a proud veteran family and now that we know more about the incredible programs that are offered by the EasterSeals, we will definitely utilize them. We look forward to seeing all of the new projects that the EasterSeals will be participating in.            


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