It's Baby Shower Season!

6 Reasons Why DribbleBabies LOVES Magnificent Baby!

Magnificent Baby

When it's Baby Shower season, it can be hard to find the perfect gift. That one gift that gives the "WOW" factor when it's opened. The perfect conversation starter. The gift she'll remember. Enter Magnificent Baby
  1. DribbleBabies offers some of the lowest prices for Magnificent Baby items online (especially with our FREE SHIPPING).
  2. It is our #1 selling item! 
  3. Magnets, Magnets, Magnets ... No Snaps. Trust me, it saves so much time when changing a wriggly baby. 
  4. This brand is great for baby shower gifts. When an expecting mother opens up her gift and sees that there are magnets instead of snaps it is instantly a conversation piece. 
  5. The material is super soft and washes really well.
  6. There are more than just footies, there are outfits as well! 

Magnificent Baby Hospital Check List

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